Head of International Department | ANICA

Coordinator Audiovisual Desk ITA | Italian Trade Agency

Roberto Stabile is the Head of International Relations of ANICA (Italian Film Audiovisual And Multimedia Industries Association) and in ITA (Italian Trade Agency) represents the Audiovisual Industries and coordinate the Audiovisual Desks around the world. Member of a number of international Committee has improved the relationships with international Institutions giving significant boost to the internationalization activity of the Association. He has set up a network of information and representative desks for international audiovisual industry relations with Italy in the major world markets and with the most important cinematographic foreign authorities. At the moment there are two permanent ITA offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai, and a series of information desks in Seoul, Hanoi, Moscow, London, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, New York, Miami, Mexico City, San Paolo and Buenos Aires. He is the Coordinator of China project, together with ITA and MIBACT, with the aim of promoting the dialogue, the cooperation, and increasing business and institutional activities, between Chinese and Italian film industries. In many occasions around the world he coordinates the institutional activities of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and  Tourism in the Cinema and Audiovisual fields.

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