Pitchbook Mart

At the sidelines of the fifth edition of MIA, the project Pitchbook Mart offers to the audiovisual industry a considerable range of quality editorial contents “to be serialized”, addressing a young audience. The invited publishing houses will be given the opportunity to present their editorial projects in a qualified context such as MIA’s one, in order to relate to the protagonists of the audiovisual sector and to explore the strategies and the opportunities for an international development.

Today, the novel, or more generally young adult fiction, as well as comics, in the form of graphic novel, are experiencing a time of great creative exuberance and unusual cultural attention from the audiovisual sector. During the last century, the directions of comics and books have repeatedly been crossing with cinema: book stories and cinematographic novels have often swapped characters and narrative starting points.

This is the beginning, Alice Nella Città and APA, with the support of SIAE and in collaboration with the global grant Sovvenzione Globale Movie Up 2020 by Ass.For.Seo. CNA Audiovisivo and The International Comics Festival BilBOlbul conceived the idea of an accelerator which, in a qualified context such as MIA’s one, connected some quality editorial contents addressing young people with the audiovisual field; the whole thing in order to explore strategies and opportunities to serialize characters and scripts from young adult books and graphic novel.

Download here the PITCHBOOK MART projects catalogue.

The books selected for the first edition of MIA’s Pitchbook are:

1. ALIEN by Aisha Franz – Canicola, 2012
2. MELVINA by Rachela Aragno – BAO Publishing, 2019
3. CHEESE by Zuzu – Coconino Press, 2019
4. LUNA DEL MATTINO by Francesco Cattani – Coconino Press, 2017
5. LA FAVORITA by Matthias Lehmann – Edizioni 001, 2017
6. LA BATTAGLIA DELLE BAMBINE by Simona Dolce – Mondadori, 2019
7. ROSSA by Chiara Rapaccini – La nave di Teseo, 2019
8. VOI by Davide Morosinotto – Rizzoli, 2019
9. IO SONO ZERO by Luigi Ballerini – Il Castoro, 2015
10. BELVE by Manlio Castagna and Guido Sgardoli – Piemme, 2019