CEO | Atresmedia Studios

Ignacio Corrales, born in Santander in 1964, has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Complutense (Madrid), holds an Executive MBA from IE Business School (Madrid) as well as a Master in Internet Business by ISDI (Madrid).

In recent years, Corrales has held various positions of responsibility. For Vértice 360 he served as General Director of Operations (2007-2009), General Director (2009-2011) and General Director of Development (2011-2012).

He later became Director of TVE (2012-2014), Vice President of Lavinia (2014-2015) and General Director of NeverSeen (2015-2017).

Being a specialist in management of audiovisual corporations, Corrales has developed a successful career and possess deep experience in content production, both in fiction and entertainment.

In January 2018, Ignacio Corrales has been appointed as CEO of Atresmedia Studios.

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