Member of the Board PLAYTIME GROUP

Born in 1966, François Yon studied film production at Boston University, where he obtained a Master in Broadcast Administration. He was a film sales agent for Paravision, UGC and StudioCanal in Paris before founding Films Distribution in 1997 (renamed PLAYTIME in 2017) with his current associate Nicolas Brigaud-Robert.

Each year, Playtime launches approximately 20 new films in the most prestigious festivals. Playtime is known for the quality of its artistic choices and worldwide successes such as Merry Christmas, C.R.A.Z.Y., Coco Before Chanel, War Witch, The Missing Picture, Frantz, BPM (Beats Per Minute), Let the Sunshine In. In 2016, PLAYTIME won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film with Son of Saul.

In addition to its Paris office, the Playtime group includes three highly specialized sales companies: Films Boutique in Berlin, Be For Films in Brussels and Film Constellation in London.

Playtime group is also an active co-producer of films such as Guest of Honour (Atom Egoyan, 2019), By the Grace of God (François Ozon, 2019), Sunset (László Nemes, 2018), and BPM (Robin Campillo, 2017) and has recently set up a television sales brench for international series while strengthening its working relationship with its subsidiary French TV production company Empreinte Digitale.

MIA|Film Advisory Board 2019