It’s an exciting time for authors, directors and producers to think bigger and out of the box. The fast-paced development of digital technologies in recent years has grown to offer terrific opportunities to authors and filmmakers to enhance their creative vision. Yet, not everybody is fully aware of the almost countless range of possible uses for visual effects and their impact on production. VFX nowadays do not necessarily refer only to CG characters or phantasy environments and do not always presume incredibly expensive budgets. On the contrary, working out what visual effects can be used within a budget can actually help to optimize resources, while offering creative options that were just not thinkable or affordable few years ago.

This panel, organized in cooperation with 100autori -Associazione dell’Autorialità Cinetelevisiva and NemaFX and supported by SIAE, aims at offering through a VFX live show, a presentation of what can be done and a glimpse on what could be achieved. 


Nicola Sganga – VFX Supervisor, NemaFX


Stefano Reali – Autore, regista, membro del direttivo 100autori, Associazione dell’Autorialità Cinetelevisiva