In a world in which linear terrestrial television is dramatically challenged by the global streaming and tech FAANGS giants, C4’s CEO Alex Mahon has taken important strategic steps to accelerate the all-important convergence between linear and non linear programming.

With a background in the production sector, where she has turned Elizabeth Murdoch’s Shine International Group into a globally successful production powerhouse, and in the world of digital tech as CEO of The Foundry, Alex has brought to C4 a set of different business and strategic values which are sharply focussed on the current challenges terrestrial broadcasters now face: broadening content distribution, strategic alliances with existing and developping platforms, growing a portfolio of verticals, monetizing the broader C4 ecosystem alongside the traditional environment of linear overnights, investing in more original scripted content, redefining the significance of public service in a global media environment and de-centralising C4 outside London. All this and more in Walter Iuzzolino’s interview with one of the most visionary media CEOs in the UK.


Alex Mahon – CEO, Channel 4

Walter Iuzzolino – Co-founder and Curator, Walter Presents


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